Baby’s Day Out

God has a way of giving us joy thru little things 

— the grass, the trees, and yes, dogs.

It’s not easy to take care of a baby… a four-legged baby. It is wiser to consider the responsibility you’re embracing before adopting, even the very cute and cuddly. The day he arrived home, everyone was euphoric. He was always asleep, had the habit of snuggling inside the basket’s corner which was his former crib. And now, he’s cuter and a little rough.

I decided to give him a treat. We headed to one of my favorite parks, Ayala Triangle. Gloomy day was obvious. When he stepped on the grass, the sun started sharing its glory. The first time that I and brother brought him here, he was very tiny, yet very dependent. Even without a leash, he consistently walked beside us. This day was quite different. He was too excited to embrace the park. Too excited that he had to pull me to “nowhereland”. Then he also grabbed the opportunity to bless the park. As we switched to the concrete pathway, he proudly stopped to take a pee. Thank God he just peed! I often bring the “baby necessities” a.k.a. plastic bags for his poop. Maybe as I prepare this ritual, God was smiling at me. I didn’t sign up for this preview of “mommy duty” when Beth, my friend, gave me this handsome gift! And I’m doing it, like it’s a destiny. It was Saturday so it was comforting that only a few people noticed our not-so-tamed stroll. Thank God miracles do happen. I think he became tired to explore the green pasture. When we approached the “Kit Kat” bench, we managed to have a break. He was busy eating grass (yes, he did) while I read in the book of Corinthians.

This was a challenging moment especially when Asher barked at an Indian man who initiated a friendly conversation to me. Protection struck my baby’s radar. My blood vessels invaded my cheeks as I tried to make him calm. I apologized to the man and thankfully he just simply understood the innate nature of a loyal baby.

It’s a crazy day but I won’t miss it for the world.♥




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