While We Were in Hong Kong

I love how sisters are also friends.

It’s never been about “by blood” but by genuine relationship solely united by Christ.

Cold February 2013. I wasn’t supposed to be in the picture. With care in her heart, she agreed to let me come to their family affair. At first I was hesitant; I didn’t plan to fly to Hong Kong alone. She made sure I was picked up by her hubby and a friend as soon as I landed the airport. When I reached the condo, I remember her saying, “How are you sister?” and “How’s your trip?”. And that all mattered.

When I was in my high school, I saw how her heart raced, her lungs grasping to breathe. She was lying on the sofa in our living room. With her were her “spiritual books” (the ghost name for pocketbooks you know). Reading was her past time during Saturdays, if she’s not cleaning the house, or watching MTV. Just like her, I was also reading my “spiritual books” in our bedroom. We were busy in our own little worlds. Then suddenly I heard her telling me gently yet as loud as she can, “Kay, water”. I didn’t mind. You can get it by yourself. The kitchen is not in the other street. There was no alarming situation going on because I knew we were both reading. Then she shouted, the first time she did as long as I can remember. She was clasping her heart. Her face turning purplish, lips getting pale. I tried not to be panicky but I was struggling what to do. I rushed to the kitchen like Superman, gave her a glass of water. I should have called anyone. But it was a shocking moment when I saw her forcefully inviting every oxygen molecule. She managed to tell me to call our aunt who lived a few streets away. Her voice made me come back to my senses.That was one scary day. Thankfully, God breathed to her until she’s back to reading her “spiritual books” the next Saturday like nothing happened.

When I was with her during my two-day vacation in Hong Kong, I remembered that shocking day. I observed how she looked as she pulled my nephew’s stroller. Thin-like teenager although she’s already a mommy. Her hair, well, swept away by a typhoon. And she’s fragile to walk, roaming the busy city. Her smile though, warm as ever. And the way she laughed made me laugh too. I knew then that God did more than breathing into her nostrils. He sustains her life to sustain her younger sister, her heart, especially.

Happy Birthday to you sister! You have no idea how your gentleness keeps me grounded. I love you to the moon and back.♥



5 thoughts on “While We Were in Hong Kong

  1. Thank you sister. Im speechless and it made me smile.i will always love you with the love of the Lord Jesus!!!
    Soar high for His glory because im just here to support you.so proud of you sister.
    Love you too 🙂

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