Marinduque’s Unofficial Warden

The seas express an array of beauty

Its calming waves bring much comfort to one’s heart

Its waters invite to solitude

And its depth supports that love abounds

I supposed I shouldn’t come. The newlywed should have owned their private time. In this case, the universe didn’t praise my new role as a warden. Blamed it to the wife, my friend. It’s not easy to say no when she said, “Stay for a few days”, before her two-day wedding. I replied, “Are you sure? I’m not going to be your referee”. Albeit, it’s far appealing to swallow the humor when some family friends told you, “Why did you say yes to them?! It’s their honeymoon”. My mouth was in a restraining order, secretly rallying. It’s not their official honeymoon. It’s my personal vacation. That was the only sweet, juvenile defense I can make.

If Pacquiao and Mayweather had to fight for greatness last May, I had to fight my reactions seeing the beauty I never thought existing in my own country. We first landed in Palad sand bar (shaped like a hand’s palm). I named it, “where the shores meet the shores”. This masterpiece rests in the middle of the oceans, exposing its sapphire view. It’s like two colliding seas graced with endless white aisle. The attraction resembles that of lovers meeting for the first time somewhere down a beautiful road. Our blaring voices scattered in the area when the four of us were the ones left in seclusion. My role as the photographer of the lovebirds gave them the freedom to lie down on the sand, hardly envying me with a teasing kiss. They effortlessly spread the love in the marine kingdom. Our second stop was Mompong. Here, the diamond-shaped edges of the cliffs kept me amazed at this rare formation. We leaned on the big displayed rocks, attempting to jump (but we didn’t). Polo was the last stop. The sharp rocks sat still, welcoming the approaching boat we rode in. Our frolic bodies carefully engaged to this abandoned property. My “diving” expertise was put to the test too; I had to cross Lizzy’s legs when we started immersing the lukewarm water. The sun was about to go down when we went back to Maniwaya.

I can’t fully describe the immense splendor of Marinduque. There is a loud cry inside my heart shouting, “I love you” to its islands. Falling in love is a rare feeling and I abundantly felt that for the five days I stayed. See how God surprises me? He brought me to a stunning place I never dreamed!♥



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