A Child’s Job

We all came from our mother’s womb. And we all became children.

How can we forget our former job?

What I like about children? Ahh, so many things. They are absolutely professionals in their own little ways. One particular observation is how they say what’s truly in their hearts. Sometimes, breaking me to pieces when my nephew says, “No”, after a thousand times of asking him if I can kiss him. But I feel like winning a million pesos when he agrees as he kisses me on the lips.

As I continue to admire his gestures, I came across a child’s “job description”. This, however, I wonder why we (adults) tend to make it more complicated especially when we reached the “Independence day”:

A child’s job is simple.

To forgive easily.

To appreciate the smallest things.

To cry without hesitation.

To eat the healthiest foods without asking the recommended daily allowance.

To laugh like no one’s watching.

To dance even if it’s not coordinated with the music.

To sing and shout at the tops of his lungs.

To ask honestly.

To talk with words that are neither English nor a common language.

To be friendly without knowing the stranger’s name.

To hug without a hint of reward.

To watch Elmo or Barnie in great amazement.

To paint a beautiful canvass even it’s the weirdest.

And most importantly, to fart without saying “excuse me” and wonder why everybody laughs.♥


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