Tunchung Picnic

Be thankful with familiar faces.

They will always love you.

Whatever happens, they will.

I will always love picnics. When I was in my childhood years (Wow, childhood years. I feel like very ancient already.), my mom loved to bring us to one of the best places on Earth –the beach. We usually bring a plastic basket with sweet goodies and drinks. We were in our T-shirts and shorts because it’s a big “NO” parading in beach attire. It’s not a grand vacation but an afternoon get-together which extends until the sunrise slowly hides behind the horizon. We don’t even celebrate a particular occasion to do it. We just love doing it especially on Saturdays or Sundays. A few walks away from home, the beach lingers. We take pictures, eat, and of course, splurge in the cool water, sometimes with cute life buoys and floaters. We did sand digging and make a lot of noise like we own the entire beach. It’s a wonderful memory that will never be taken away from me.

That was one of the family set-ups in my provincial life. Living in the city is a bit more different. You have to go for a drive just to see a glimpse of the ocean. Sometimes, an endless drive because the traffic in the city is quite a forever parade. Almost all of the city residents would have to wait for the summer before they can actually get a tan. And making a picnic as part of one’s urban lifestyles is not a favorable activity. It’s one thing that we did again in Tunchung. Although the whole family wasn’t with me, a part of me was leaping in excitement. I felt deprived for a decade with this simple yet beautiful moment. To just relax on the green pasture, breathe the frozen wind, talk about the city’s architecture and transportation, and see the sight of familiar faces that actually love you from head to toe is such a great pleasure.

Thanks to the most hospitable couple in Tunchung. Their warm welcome made us feel like it’s not the first time. Thanks to them because we also had sausages, grapes (unwashed), orange juice, bununuh, etc. It was a gloomy but lovely morning.♥


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