When You Need a Friend

(Cause)When you need a friend
That you can depend
You can count on me because
you’re my best friend
When you’re feeling down
And your heart is hurt
You can call on me and
I’ll be there for you friend

♥Nelson Del Castillo♥

It’s NOT International Friends Day! (How come that these days, there are lots of “International Days”?). This page is dedicated especially to those best friends who love their best friends inside out.

I think when you’re friendly; you end up thousand friends in your list. However, I find it still a mystery of how friends click (like they’ve known for a lifetime) only seconds of meeting each other. There are some, however, took a few years to find the best of friends. It did for me.

One cool night, after singing under the dark blanket of stars, we headed to our nipa sanctuary. This was hours after our adventurous “dances in the waves”. We laid out our favorite chips, tossed a glass of wine, and shared our vows for each other. No tears. Just abundance of sincere laughter as we told each other our expectations and prayers we have for our friendship. I find it unique. Yes, I have other close friends, but these three were especially given to me to help me express disappointments and the hurdles in life. I am known as the “great adviser” among helpless friends. Little did I know that I need  a lot of unloading. And I think God was obviously wise to put them in my circle because I never asked them; they volunteered as my strength. For sure, we had a lot of bloopers and epic memories too. There were also a number of giggles, teases, and good surprises. But there is also an inkling of fear especially for a woman who experienced unexpected hurting. It came to a point of giving up these beautiful guardians. I think when you try to be the kind of perfect friend but turned out  a “monster” makes someone to question your ability to connect. And on some parts,  yourself critiques you the most.

It’s a bit of honesty that I did try to bridge the gap. And oh, a thousand times I fail. It’s too much for me to bear. In the end, one bitter truth resides — you maybe rejected at one point or too many points of your life. But another truth resides —you can still love those who reject you and just be happy with the ones who accept you.

As clouded as I was, one thing that made me secure is remembering our vows we have for each other. In fact, they were the ones who reminded me. And God was the greatest witness we have. When I need a friend, I got my three lovely “angels”. How awesome is that? Too awesome to ignore.♥ 




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