Special Announcement

A look back as she celebrates her birthday this month.

  Statements by Beth

2014. It was one of my happiest days ever. Can’t even explain how happy I was. You know the “cloud-nine feeling”. Minutes before Francis went up in front of the congregation to do his “special announcement” I was really nervous. I didn’t even know why. That feeling was so weird!

What Francis did was overwhelming. I felt like the prettiest girl in the universe! When he said, “This is for the girl that…”, that’s the time I knew he’s going to propose and I wanted to scream “OHHH EMMM GEE!! What are you doing”??!!! That indeed surprised me! I was actually praying when I started crying, “Lord I know this is it, Your perfect time. Thank YOU! I am ready.” I can’t contain the joy. I couldn’t help but hug him tight. If only I could hug him much longer. Also, it felt like we’re the only people in that room to the point that I didn’t see and hear anything even his “Will You Marry Me” question. I just wanted to hug him and said how happy and blessed I was and how much I love him (I whispered it to him).

We believe that God prepared us before this happened. That we’re now both ready to be in a much higher level of commitment and to finally be together soon. I truly can’t wait to spend my everyday with him. Thinking of it excites me knowing that Francis is very cool, funny, sweet, real man, and a husband material. This made me believed that he’s the most handsome man I’ve known! 😉 I never thought I’m gonna be experiencing this kind of all-girls-dream-kind-of-proposal.

Simple but PERFECT! He’s really the sweetest and it seems like my giggle will last forever! The pressure was that when Pastor Vir said, “May their relationship be a role model to everyone”. We’ll be grateful to be one (a good role model) but we know we are not perfect. May the Lord continuously guide us.♥



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