BGC Photoshoot:Part 1 Bloopers

Taguig shows off her beauty – the Bonifacio Global City (BGC). It’s like an extension of Central Business District of Makati where towers after towers line up exquisitely in an understated welcome. Most people dress up well and speak the elite language. And yes, there are a lot of foods in every corner of the streets which practically did not distract us (at least at that time). Many love to walk. And the feeling that someone is vehemently free roaming around the local city makes that person reconsider of not going in a foreign country. 

This place is not our usual hangout. That’s why we chose it. We’re more of exploring the rising  sides of it. So why did we do this photoshoot? We really had no idea how this would come up because none of us are professionals when it comes to fashion and style. We just did it. We tried to go out from that amateur’s perspective by invading the fancy and sophisticated streets of Taguig. All in honor of our blog. 

We were enjoying the afternoon ambiance and like any other tourist, we had our camera. It was peacefully sitting on its stand, staring at us, waiting for our best smiles. Our focus was to keep it candid. But just as we started to bring out our random poses, a handsome (I’m being kind) security guard approached us. We were clueless of his grand entrance and so these happened…

Mr. SafeGuard (allow me to call him that) is not in the picture because he was busy explaining some laws. There’s me, bravely defending our tourist rights. Beth probably was making the best effort to utter, “One more please”, and then just ignored him. Tin was almost transforming into an angry pretty bird, and Tess was really trying to use her leg in giving a “go away” signal. Yes, that happened. We were mandated to stop taking pictures because of one reason – we had a tripod. At least he was gentle to say so except for his striking colliding eyebrows.

We could have rallied in front of him and made an outstanding public complaint. But we didn’t. Well, Jesus was with us (and no matter how you zoom the pictures, Jesus is not really there; he’s hiding behind the pop corn). We could have end up dragging our tongues on the floor just to express our irritation. But it’s a waste of doing that. So like any normal people would do, we just danced in front of him.


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