Mt. Pundaquit, Zambales

Don’t let this throw you. You trust God, don’t you? Trust me.

Jesus. John 14:1, The Message

This is the first trip that the four of us were together. Our nerves got excited because Tess and her fiance (now her husband), Elijah, had the ultimate goal of doing their prenup in the seas of Zambales. But the plan turned far more exciting than we had expected.

Twelve friends: MMMK, Elijah, Kiko, JC, Josh, Jean, Jingle, Hazel and MJ. Kuya Alex Fernandez, our tour guide, walked in bullet speed. The rain, the scorching heat of the sun, and the winds joined in this unplanned historical walk. We’re supposed to ride in a boat going to Anawangin cove but we ended up exploring Mt. Pundaquit. Why hike? Maybe blame it to the ocean for its tantrums. For almost 6 hours, our bodies were challenged from head to feet. It was an arduous journey. And when we got there, we were welcome by roaring waves. We were caged inside the tents. The rain showered us with a goodnight sleep. Well almost a good night sleep if not for the statue-like positions we had as we lied down on a cold cloth. The next morning, we still struggled, begging the sun to spread its glory!

But it was quite amazing after all. The view of the mountains and the seas left us breathless. The fresh air and the scenery brought a natural relaxation in our bodies. I thought about how did God layout such masterpiece? How did he carve each mountain and let its edges kiss the waters? Who would have thought that He prepared a cove for our pleasure that very day?

The NEVER ending lessons:

1. NEVER wear short shorts or you’ll get a temporary stockings sticking on your skin. You know what I mean, sunburn about 3/4 of your legs for a month!

2. NEVER bring a shoulder bag. Bring a sturdy bagpack, specifically a mountaineer’s.

3. NEVER wear slippers that are quite slippery. You don’t want to get dancing like Josh.

4. NEVER forget to load hundreds of foods and tons of water to zip your stomach’s outcry while trekking. Or you’ll end up daydreaming in the middle of nowhere, asking God for a manna or quail to shower down.

5. NEVER ever ever ever go back to this place if you’re not prepared for a 6-hour hike. Right, Jingle?

6. NEVER miss this word: Bangir – an Ilocano outrageous word for “the other side”. 

7. NEVER frown. It takes a single smile to conquer every mountain you face.♥


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