High Street, Taguig City


Music is what I do; Christ is why I do it.

Jon Foreman, Switchfoot frontman

The sole of my right foot was painful. Amazingly though, when Paolo Valenciano announced that Switchfoot was up next, the pain was momentarily gone. It was not an ordinary night. The dead end corner of High Street was filled with a big crowd.

Back in high school, I was first introduced to their music. A Walk to Remember was quite famous because of the kind-of-love story every teenager dreams resonate in that movie. But undoubtedly, the OST made it more outstanding and simply relevant. The mellow rock genre and Jon Foreman’s voice create a boost to your discreet heart. The lyrics, more essentially, keep you abreast of life’s broad journey and that expectation of true love.

My family didn’t miss it too. Witnessing the live band show left me breathless. They’ve visited the Philippines a number of times, always missing their gigs. March 27th is a date to remember not just because it’s my Papa’s 67th birthday but thankkfully because Switchfoot, after 10 long years, was in front of me singing their new album –The Wonderlands. At the end of the show, they added Only Hope, and that epic Dare You to Move which everybody felt dignified. Jon’s performance led me to shout, “I love you!” and “More!” (It’s a super fan instincts)♥










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