Venice Piazza, Part 1

One of the great joys of traveling through Italy is discovering firsthand that it is,

indeed, a dream destination. 

Debra Lavinson

A creative mind surely can make the world happy. This place is one of those minds. The good thing about being a Filipino is its intense dream of making foreign landmarks erect in the Philippines. Venice Piazza prepares you to what should be your Italian expectations. Well, almost.

The mixture of local and foreign restaurants entice you. There are also statues everywhere, entertaining your childlike eyes. These white or golden painted men and women are delighted and clever enough to move when you drop a Php20 bill in the box that sits in front of them. We came on a Saturday. So everyone was in their own little moment, trying to capture the best angle of Piazza’s every corner. That includes us. It was a beautiful chaos. Something most endearing welcome showed —the river that never runs dry. This lures you with its floating gondola that seats 2-4 persons (Php500 each). For a few hours, I felt like a tourist. Noticing the architecture, I figured its fine attempt to bring an Italian ambiance because of its colorful four-story buildings. It feels almost in Europe except for the hot weather (summer is in town!).

I love Italy for always. It’s my second home already. The wine, the cheese, the pasta, the fashion, the culture are too glorious for me. Consider this a test trip to that future dream. I’m sure, by God’s grace, I’ll be going there with my family, my first home. And I believe sometime now that a country is not a home unless those whom you love live in it.♥



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