Stop.Look.Stare.Wear / Venice Piazza Look

Rustic brown sleeveless top. Ocean blue skinny jeans by Forever21. Polaroid sunnies. Wedge open sandals by H&M. Native Baguio sling bag. Flat rectangular gem bracelet


I don’t want to dress up a picture with just my face.

Grace Kelly

For the next closet sessions, let me share the following fashion sense I have learned which you and I might want to wear by:

1. Stop. The place and event. Your outfit mainly depends on the place and the occasion you want to go. Whether your outfit is fancy or affordable, if it does not match with these two, there is a big possibility that you’ll be labeled an alien, an outcast, or worst? A fashion police favorite! Never mind the brand. Mind modesty and belongingness.

2. Look. “I don’t have clothes” but honestly, they’re just hanging in your closet. Taking time to prepare days ahead the event is wise. Another wise move is to buy at decent suitable attire within your budget. Malls and thrift stores are everywhere which cater numerous choices for every life’s moment!

3. Stare. Your co-judge is the mirror. It shows your hairstyle, your make up, the effect of your clothes, the color, the fitting, your shoes, etc. Ignoring or avoiding the honesty it provides only leads you to a complete disaster. But most importantly, the best way to keep you mindful and grounded is to let the living mirrors say their critic of what you wear. They are simply your closest loved ones who don’t mask the “ugly” and “pretty” descriptions. Surround yourself with a trusted team.

4. Wear. A great outfit exudes its power when it makes someone take a second look. The stance, the posture, and that brave confidence highly contribute to the style package. It is, however, the smile or that appropriate facial expression and that warm, unassuming attitude which make you a fashion icon

I took a stroll in Vienna Piazza Part 1, a modernized vintage hangout. It’s a Saturday casual date with my family. Considering the hot weather, I chose this outfit. With earthen colors and light clothes, absorption of heat is minimized. Plus, they don’t hurt the eyes either. For an afternoon stroll, a round polaroid sunnies is the best shield. I opted for this shape to emphasize a vintage look. The wedge sandals, perfect; doesn’t hurt for an hour walk even if it’s four inches high. And it’s open, to release moisture. The sling average bag is an indication that I’m not going to hoard some displays. I came to capture pictures, eat, and drink so it’s wiser to bring a pouch that carries small necessities (e.g. wallet, cologne, lipstick, comb, phone, etc).♥

Photos by me & Kohinoor


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