Venice Piazza, Part 2

If I spoke Italian, I’d be in Italy in a minute.

I love the food, I love the way people live there.

I mean, it really is my idea of paradise. 

Bonnie Bedelia

The sun, as much as I like sunsets, is a killjoy. She commands you to go home and rest because she will do it too. But we’re too stubborn for an early sign off. After our early dinner at Kuse, we took few frozen moments with the glistening tower behind Piazza‘s back entrance. It’s standing tall and proud as many noticed her after-6 o’clock-beauty. When the clouds joined her mood, the view was simply dramatic. I even made a short video for my own delight.

At the front view, we got ourselves “stranded”. The night was young so we opted for a random family conversation while waiting. And of course, an outburst of infinite music playlist. Then a caffeine idea distracted us. Starbucks? A usual choice. We wanted something different. Just like that and we were back inside the Piazza. Hilarious Lojera plan. We were a bit tired due to an overdose presence of crowds. I don’t know with some, but for us, after a sumptuous dinner, the bed becomes our bestfriend. Fortunately, we entered a new haven –Tsoko Nut Batirol. They serve authentic desserts and coffee that really awaken those introvert tastebuds. Your sleepy head struggles to maintain the momentum when your eyes see the row of dark and white creative delights. What I was most grateful was when we entered this place, we were the last batch of customers. So it’s more relaxed with the family. All I can conclude is this: After every bite and sip, you become sweeter than ever.♥


3 thoughts on “Venice Piazza, Part 2

  1. This post was very confusing for me, for a moment there I thought you were really in Venice but then I looked at the photo and thought “that’s a bit too modern to become Venice” but ignored the signs. And then you mentioned Starbucks. “What? Starbucks in Venice?? When did that happen!” I realized where you were only after checking the link of Tsoko Nut. Lol.

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