The Belle & Dragon

The golden rule for every business man is this:

‘Put yourself in your customer’s place.’

Orison Swett Marden

It’s our first time here. I got to notice The Belle & Dragon when I and a friend of mine dropped by. So I thought of bringing my siblings too.

We decided to sit at the back, on a comfy couch. There was a TV displaying the battle between Russia and South Africa (Pool Match HSBC Sevens World Rugby Sydney 2016). The latter won with their strategic defense. Before we got hooked to the sports, I observed how the service waiter attended our order. He was less accommodating. I think a genuine welcome is necessary especially for first time customers like us. We had no idea what to order. There were no pictures on the menu (only descriptions) so we had no knowledge how each food looks like. The waiter stared at us without a hint of giving an offer for their best sellers. If I didn’t ask, he may have given us more of his annoyed look. Our food was served after 20 minutes. It’s acceptable. Bu the best distraction they could do (aside from letting us watch the TV) is to serve us something to nibble while waiting. Our orders came, served by a different man. My face? A little disappointed. But it changed when the foods were on the table. They’re delicious to look at and thankfully tasted great too. It was almost 2 pm. So you can just imagine the patience we’ve extended. What I like about this guy is his humor. He made us laugh when he insisted to take the last snap when in fact he did hundred shots. After we ate, the fist waiter who attended us issued the bill. He also opened the door for us saying, “Please go back tomorrow, Ma’am”. I smiled. Honestly, first impression is quite an impression. Fortunately for me, it doesn’t last forever.

All of us are customers in every sense. The learning is to make each person knows he or she is the best at all times. It’s quite challenging; being in the business is that challenging. Everyone has different choices, different tastes. But there is only one thing to greatly consider and to mind at all times. It’s about making someone feel welcome and well-served.♥


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