Asher is One

The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel. Proverbs 12:10, NIV

A mom’s life is quite interesting. Feeding, bathing, playing, and all sorts of that, simply enjoyable. Thew are times, to be honest, it’s quite the opposite. But my baby dog’s eyes have that unconditional stare of love one can’t simply resist.

Asher’s first year with the family is something that I’m grateful of. There was a moment I thought he’s going to die. He suffered from an illness, challenging his appetite. His body was alarmingly weak. Looking at him, feeling helpless was a terrible encounter. I brought him to Fil-Chinese Group of Animal Clinics and was attended by a caring doctor. It was heartbreaking to see him when the doctor injected medications. One night, I began to expose those begging tears… to my God. It was a humbling request for the first time for a dog (right now, I’m smiling). I held to His presence, to who He is – my God who lovingly draws near to His children when they need Him.  I trusted who He is, the one who breathes life to every living. He did it to my younger sister. And I believed He can do it too to my loving dog.

These pictures are proof of God’s answer to my child-like plea. He even made a way to surprise us by providing a pack of park friends.♥




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