The Saturday Stroll Look

For Me tee T-shirt. Stripe shorts. Sleeveless cardigan. Polaroid sunnies. Kicks sneakers. Burkley’s Leather House satchel.


You make choices every day and almost every hour that keep you walking in the light or moving away toward darkness.

Henry B. Eyring

I’ve been planning to pose in front of Manila Peninsula’s famous staircase fountain for awhile. It happened one of my Saturday strolls. I matched an old blue Paris printed tee T-shirt with stripes shorts to agree with the summer theme. Adding a green sleeveless cardigan created a more youthful aura. Bluegreen polaroid sunnies didn’t miss to join for this brief city exploration. I opted with sneakers because I and my sister had to go to the grocery store too. It’s wise to choose this type of footwear when you walk for a few hours or shop some goodies. The brown leather satchel completes my look. It’s small but enough to secure a few money, my keys, cellphone, and yes, my lipstick for retouching.♥




Photos by Kohinoor


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