The Saturday Stroll Look

Hanging shirt. Karate pants. H&M wedge shoes. Heart stone necklace. Guess handbag


Walking is man’s best medicine. Hippocrates

There was no urgency going to Shangri-la Plaza. Except for addressing my and my family’s stomachs to have an early dinner. We ate at an air-conditioned food court which displayed numerous food choices. I like my Karate pants; metallic brown which exudes an earthly aura. It was matched with a light mocha shirt to agree with the season. The shoes is famous for the succeeding posts I did. I prefer wedge for a long walk and it’s always a must that it’s high to add height. Too much accessory is not my thing and a necklace is my least favorite. Here, however, I opted for a long necklace with black stone pendant. It’s one of my fave simple tribal jewelry. And the bag is my office bag. Literally my everything is inside it. I made sure that I have it whenever an overnight stay happens in a nearby city.♥


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