The Mother’s Day Look

Sleeveless shirt. Salad skirt. H&M wedge shoes. Heart stone necklace.


I can’t eat well (even it’s too fancy and delicious) if you’re not with me.

My mind just travels to my children. 


What I love about Edsa Shangri-la is its ability to preserve nature. It gives you that oriental nirvana whenever you’re roaming its surroundings. So yes, I wore that black salad short skirt even the sun was so angry outside this beautiful hotel. When I walked to its hidden pathway, the wind was effortlessly serenading me. It was refreshing seeing the leaves dancing above me. I didn’t mind as it tosses my skirt because thankfully it has a ready-to-wear mini short. The top is obviously for summer; a dash of light purple hue and with spaghetti straps. It has minor diamond details on the chest part which sparkles whenever the sun’s light hits it. My wedge shoes are my summer fave. I intentionally brought only a pair of shoes to avoid excruciating choices. It’s very friendly to my casual outfit from Day 1. A bag was not in the list because I just had to take some final poses. And oh, I didn’t have any accessory except for a black stone heart-shaped necklace. It’s my way of reminding myself of mama’s love despite the stubborn heart of her daughter. The tribal lace is long but fair enough to add an emphasis to my neck instead of my chest.♥


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