A Walk to Remember

Nicholas Sparks

Inspired by Danielle Sparks Lewis, Nicholas Sparks’ sister who had always worn the same unattractive sweater, carried a Bible everywhere she went, who died of cancer. It’s also about a guy, who didn’t think about loving her and marrying her but he did. Oh how sweet, how lovely, how sad, yet undeniably a story worth to keep and to remember.

This is the best love story I’ve ever read and watched as well. I can’t help it. Liters of tears were my proof to my undying admiration to Nicholas Sparks’ heart-wrenching statements. It didn’t occur to me the most beautiful meaning of the title until today. I will read and watch this over and over again. My eyes are quite swollen this moment and I just smile about this. 

November 29th, 2014, Saturday

It was a suitable story for my sophomore heart. I was relatively amused by two high school students who fell in love for the very first time. My two older sisters were the advocates to watch it in the cinema. Unlike Mandy Moore, I had no idea about Shane West. Mandy suits Jaime Sullivan well just by looking at her sweet angelic face. Noticing Shane, he got this snobbish, heartthrob look that speaks the very nature of Landon Carter. The soundtrack by Switchfoot and by Mandy became the universe’s favorite for a few consecutive months. It was the coolest to the teen’s world including mine. I felt like flying because it seemed love was all I’ve know my entire life.

More than a decade later, I decided to buy this book. And yes, it was only two years ago. If there was a line I’ll always wanted to hear, it’s this:

Page 44

“You have to promise that you won’t fall in love with me”.


How can Nicholas thought about this strange yet brave command? I wonder what inspired him to create this one-dozen-line. My memory will always jump to this condition Jamie made, pushing Landon to grin, surprised yet confident that it won’t be a problem. And I’m pretty sure that a thousand ladies would have said her words. Except for me. And I guess only one in a million guy would actually fall for it.

Reading this book introduced me to 1950s. I learned, nonetheless, that the movie creators decided for a contemporary setting so a number of young spectators can relate to the story. I knew there was a spark just by looking at the title. And as you go along with Landon, you’ll meet his friends, the neighborhood, his dreams, and his inspiration. The plot is somehow cliché; one can say a simple Hollywood project. However, it was this unpretentious fantasy which made me hope in reality. Getting to the last pages will make you hold your tears especially when you finally encounter a very special walk.♥


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